Boy Golden - Minister

Ya Boy Golden, Liam Duncan, Minister

From stoner-boy to country-boy, blue-boy to a golden-voiced-man, Boy Golden has embodied them all. Now, as our guide, Boy Golden leads us through this next experience with kindness and humour, straight down Highway 5 and headlong into For Eden.

Ten stories told from his heart, his dreams and his real life, For Eden is about searching for things — like dreams, love and better versions of himself, all wrapped up in some idea of a perfect place, be it real or imagined. But Paradise isn’t an outer realm; it’s the peace Boy Golden’s found within.

Since releasing his debut album, Church of Better Daze (2020), Boy Golden has been immersed in the journey: one where he’s traveled inward towards himself and the other traversing the observable world. Touring for hundreds of days, spending time at home in the studio alone or with friends, Boy Golden has been writing, writing, writing. From the lyrics, to the music, to the accompanying behind the scenes stories and newsletters, Boy Golden’s honesty and clarity are magnificent. At times they magnify small wells of sadness, bringing forth the tears; other times they widen smiles, decimate guilt and fear, and others still, his songwriting eases the boundaries between folk, bluegrass, Americana and pop music.

A compass and a lighthouse, a roadmap and a set of postcards, For Eden forms a neat collection of experiences, remembered with tenderness and beauty. It serves as a travel companion for others on their respective journeys. It’s nice to have someone along for the ride — and someone waiting for you at home.

If home is where Boy Golden’s heart is, be it in the big city, tiny town, on the road or on a record, For Eden beats solidly, passionately, emphatically for a life and for love in the moments we have.

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Who We Are

The Church of Better Daze was founded by Boy Golden in the year 2020 A.D. (Afternoon Delight).

One day, Boy Golden awoke with a simple notion in his head; today is going to be a better day than the last one.

He got out of bed and meditated. He sat at his desk and wrote in his journal. He did some moderately taxing exercise. He made himself a couple cups of coffee, and a nice breakfast. He rolled himself a little joint, and went outside to take a few deep breaths of fresh air, mixed with a few deep breaths of the joint. Already, things were looking up.

He spent time writing, he called a friend. They made some music, and the day came to an end. And when he woke up, the very next day, he said to himself 'hey, that was pretty great!". So from that day forward, Boy Golden had purpose. Enjoying the day, and making good music. The Church of Better Daze is here to help anyone who wants to enjoy a better day or a better series of daze. To start, we recommend throwing on some Boy Golden, and mindfully enjoying a toke, a beverage, or a walk around the neighbourhood. We hope you'll join the church and come along for the ride.

Support Staff

NameFaceJob Title
Oolygif of Kris Ulrich Director of Hospitality / Guitar-Slinger
Brother Romangif of Roman ClarkeResident Monk / Drum Player
(doesn't play too loud though.. don't worry)
Field Guygif of Dylan McDonald aka. Field Guide Camp Director
Austy P.gif of Austy P. Site Janitor / Guitar-Slinger
Mama Tizzygif of Mama Tizzy Church Band Director / Tambourine Shaker
Dani Nashgif of Dani Nash Drumset, Vox, and good vibes
Uncle Coreygif of Uncle Corey Frequent Attendee / Bass-Slinger
Jonboy Smith (Verified)gif of Jon SmithPerc & Positivity
St. Shaunagif of St. Shauna - CFO CFO
Deacon Grahamgif of Deacon Graham - Deliverer of Sermons Deliverer of Sermons
Sorengif of Soren's faceWebsite Guy
Church Transport Toyota Previa Gif Toyota Previa
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